Ingredients: walnut kernel 50g, egg 2, kernel 6, brown sugar (2~3 person).

Cooking methods: the walnut kernel into particles or powdered walnut, put eggs in the bowl in advance to scatter, put 1L water in the pot, put into the walnut, egg, red jujube, when the water is put into the egg, put the eggs and mix evenly, so that the egg flower evenly distributed, change the small fire to continue to boil for 5 minutes, then put into the brown sugar, the sugar completely melts can serve the pot food Use.

Main effect: nourishing brain and brain

Recommended people: children with rapid development of the brain.

Review: this sweet soup uses walnuts and eggs as the main material, mainly considering that walnuts and eggs are rich in a- linolenic acid (in the body can be converted into DHA), phospholipids, cholesterol and other nutrients needed for brain development.